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Join the team that's served the industry for 20 years. With Brandwood Biomedical, you're getting a regulatory partner with the expertise and a flexible, strategic approach that aligns with your objective - market access.

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Asia Pacific Device Summit. 25-26 March

COME MEET THE MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERTS FROM ASIA PACIFIC. The Asia Pacific Device Summit is the world’s premier medical device conference for companies wishing to...

Health Innovation Week. 1-5 April

Join Luis at the Health Innovation Week being held 1-5 April in Toronto. Commercialize ideas. Grow the economy. Save lives. A thriving economy has always depended...

MDCTP – Regulatory Workshop. 29 April

Presented by Arthur Brandwood, this 1-day workshop at Cicada Innovations will take a deep dive into the global regulatory requirements for medical devices and diagnostics....

Global Medical Device and IVD Regulatory Services

Commercialising a new medical device or IVD is a convoluted process, only made more so by differing requirements across location, usage and level of risk. We can help you understand your requirements and guide you through the process to ensure you meet the exacting criteria for global approval.

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We can help you break through the red tape with the right strategies and submission guidelines to open your device to the world.

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The commercialization continuum: beyond product registrations

Your product is approved, now what? This is a question that can bring a painful realization to medical technology manufacturers and suppliers eagerly entering a...
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Fog in the Channel: a European Medtech Perspective on Brexit

An apocryphal newspaper headline reported, "Fog in the Channel - Continent Cut Off". All very whimsical and a metaphor for a peculiarly anglo-centric world view....

Cardiac Ablation Catheters included on the March 2019 Prostheses List

The Prostheses List is a list of implantable medical devices for which Australian private health insurers must pay a specific benefit over and above any...

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