Grant Bennett

CEO & Senior Consultant

Grant Bennett joined Brandwood Biomedical in the later part of 2013, bringing with him experience with both the Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), along with a multitude of other regulatory authorities throughout Asia. Grant’s prior experience includes roles as Regional Regulatory Affairs Manager Asia Pacific and Australia/New Zealand Quality Assurance Manager with a US headquartered multinational supplier of Professional Medical Devices.

Grant serves the wider industry through active participation in industry associations and harmonisation bodies. He is a member of both the Regulatory Affairs Expert Panel and the National Advisory Council for AusMedtech. Grant also contributes to the regulatory guidance development of the Asian Harmonisation Working Party (AHWP).

Grant has specialised expertise in requirements for Universal Device Identifiers (UDI) and direct experience in compliance with requirements of the Australian National Product Catalogue (NPC) controlled by the Australian National E-Health Transition Authority and the corresponding DHB National Catalogue for Healthcare in New Zealand.

Prior to joining the Medtech industry, Grant had extensive prior experience in accountancy, commercial software and project management. Grant’s earlier roles included support of existing clients with the implementation of their MRP systems, as well as developing process flows and detailed financial analysis/reporting, allowing businesses to better understand their business. He was also involved in the development of sales and marketing material for potential clients.

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